We usually meet at the
Union Public Library
251 Union Plaza Drive (Room B), Union, MO 63084
  • on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 19:00
  • (near Pasta House at Independence and Hwy 47 in Union)
Alternate location:
Washington Public Library
410 Lafayette St, Washington, MO 63090


Franklin County, Missouri

Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Next Meeting: November 28 at 19:00

Special Notice

Please take note that the alternate for the weekly net is switching from ZBARC's 147.180 machine to PMVARC's 146.450. The 146.450 repeater has an offset of +1.0MHz and requires a TSQL of 141.3. Slightly different than just a tone to transmit, the tone squelch will also keep your radio from receiving the D-Star transmissions.

What is ARES?

We are a group of dedicated volunteers working with various agencies and local governments to provide an alternate means of communication when the need arises. Amateur radio has the capability to get messages through when other channels of communication are unavailable or overwhelmed. Hams (licensed amateur radio operators) have the equipment and know-how to be able to communicate across town and world- wide without having to rely on phone lines, satellites, or even the electrical power grid. From 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina, and through many other disasters and emergencies, hams have been there to help.
KD0QQU Radio
Join our weekly net!
  • Every Monday
  • (May-Oct) at 20:00
  • (Nov-Apr) at 19:00
  • On 147.240 (+0.6 MHz) PL 141.30
  •   Alternate of 146.450 (+1.0 MHz) TSQL 141.3
Simplex/Digital net
  • Third Tuesday of each month
  • (May-Oct) at 20:00
  • (Nov-Apr) at 19:00
  • On 147.405
  •   Alternate of 145.700
HF Operators
Missouri Emergency Sevices Net
  • Sundays at 1400L 3.963 MHz +/-
  • with a backup of 7.263 MHz +/-
Join the Illinois section ARES HF net
  • 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month
  • at 1630L on 3.905 MHz